Patricia Van Loggerenberg

Property Maintenance Coordinator

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Patricia has been with Insite Realty since 2010 as Maintenance Coordinator in the Property Management department.

Insite created the maintenance coordinator position to meet all property maintenance needs.  The goal of the maintenance coordinator is not only to fulfil tenant requests but also to ensure the upkeep of all properties, maximise the rental income for property owners and attract quality tenants.

Patricia continues to build a great rapport with our tradespeople, which also ensures they complete quality work at a reasonable cost.

Patricia has been in the real estate industry since 1998 and is highly skilled across all aspects in both Australia and New Zealand.  Patricia’s experience includes property management, onsite management, sales, marketing and office management.  Working alongside top agents, Patricia has achieved excellent results in assisting business owners with positive growth and attending to clients.

Patricia Van Loggerenberg


Patricia originally grew up in Hobart, Tasmania but fell in love with the coast many years ago and has been here since.  Proud mother to two beautiful twin girls, Patricia loves the coastal beaches, enjoys walks, swimming and bike riding with her daughters.

Patricia keeps busy with her daughter’s keen interests in acrobatics, swimming, dancing and singing.  Patricia also takes time out to coach her girls’ school netball team.  Quiet time, Patricia enjoys doing craft activities with her girls, painting and making something out of anything or just enjoying a good book.

Favourite Quote:Live life to the fullest, while eating chocolate.”



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