Are you thinking of selling your home or investment property? Where do you start? We’ve pieced together this guide for sellers to simplify the process of selling property in Queensland.

The information is brief, so we encourage sellers to reach out to our sales team and demystify any confusion regarding selling your home.

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Do I need to use a sales consultant/real estate agent to sell my home? 

The short answer is no.

However, a qualified agent not only has experience selling houses, but they’ve also completed a salesperson course to learn about the legal and contractual obligations of buying and selling properties in their chosen state.

The truth is that a real estate consultant or sales agent does so much more than putting a property up online and waiting for buyers to contact them. The role requires a high level of skill and expertise to:

  • Circumnavigate the legal implications of real estate,
  • To understand target audiences in their specialised location and the marketing tactics that appeal to them,
  • To negotiate between buyer and seller negotiations while still maintaining relationships.

How do you choose the right agent or salesperson? 

Choose a real estate agent who demonstrates both expertise and success in marketing combined with the ability to communicate with you.

The agent you choose to market your property is legally obligated to serve the seller, not the buyer. Remember, it’s your property, you are in control.

**Tip** Look at our Seller’s Guide for a list of questions to ask a real estate agent.


selling tips

How do I attract more buyers? 

Firstly, whatever work you’re going to do, ensure you do it before the real estate photographer comes to your home. First impressions start when potential buyers are scrolling through listings online.

Renovating is an option, but you have to analyse the cost versus benefit to your sales price before spending the time, energy and money. Ask your agent for their advice on whether you’re likely to earn back more than your renovation costs.

**Tip** Look at our Seller’s Guide for some more tips on how to maximise property presentation.

How do I sell the lifestyle?

When you were buying or building your home, you had a particular lifestyle in mind that attracted you to the house, layout or suburb. When you’re presenting your home for inspections, it’s crucial that you keep this in mind and attempt to harness these emotions in your potential buyers. For example, if you have a beautiful kitchen, you might consider baking a batch of muffins just before the open home to draw people’s attention to this area.

Create a welcoming atmosphere from the front gate with a neat garden. You may even offer to mow your neighbour’s normally dishevelled-looking front lawn to maintain a consistent street appeal. Turn all lights on inside and out and draw all curtains/blinds to encourage natural light into your home.


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Why does Insite Realty recommend a multichannel marketing strategy?

The average person is exposed to over 5,000 ads per day. It’s easy to see how your property listing could become diluted by so many sales messages. To reach your target buyer, we recommend a multichannel approach to marketing to ensure your property has every chance of appealing to a buyer. ‘Multichannel’ uses multiple advertising options to sell your property, for example:

  • Professional photographs
  • Signboard
  • Open homes
  • Online advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Social media

The channels your agent will choose will depend on your property, and the types of buyers they assess will be interested in your property.

**Tip** Look at our Seller’s Guide for some more information on the importance of targeting buyers.


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Which sales method should I choose to sell my home? 

The method of sale you choose will depend on a variety of factors, including location, price and home features. For example, we might not recommend an auction campaign for a typical home with standard features in a mid-range suburb. Its target market is more likely to be in a position to buy via private sale where they can have flexible terms. Your agent should advise the best listing option for your home.

**Tip** Look at our Seller’s Guide for information regarding sales methods.

At what price should I sell my home?

When you’re first considering selling, you might get a sales appraisal of your home to understand what it might be worth. A sales appraisal is complementary and should include previous recent sales in your suburb. This comparative market analysis (CMA) is used to understand the local market, how buyers are behaving in it and how your home might compare to recently sold properties.

Your sales agent will use the CMA to advise you on price. Ultimately, you have the final say when it comes to what price you would like to advertise your property. However, we strongly recommend that you consider your agent’s advice carefully. Setting a realistic fixed price maximises the chances of attracting buyers.

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I’ve received an offer. What next? 

When an offer is made, your sales agent is obliged to present it to you regardless of how appealing it may be.  It’s important to consider the offer and the various components, which includes but are not limited to the purchase price, deposit and any conditions.

**Tip** Look at our Seller’s Guide for information regarding the process of negotiating and accepting offers.

Your sales agent will negotiate an offer with a potential buyer on your behalf.  The key to getting the best price for your property depends on the negotiating skills of your agent and the marketing campaign.

Once the contract terms are agreed to, the final terms and price must be signed and initialled by all parties.  This results in a legally binding contract.

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