The agent – Choose the real estate agent who demonstrates both the expertise and success in marketing combined with the ability to communicate with you on every aspect of the sale of your property.    Remember it’s your property, you are in control.  The agent you choose to market your property should work with you to sell.  Insite Realty aim to make you comfortable & confident with all the decisions involved in the sale of your property.

The method – It’s in your best interest to give careful thought to all the listing options available when putting your property on the market.  The options are Exclusive listing, Open Listing or Auction.  Talk to our team to find out more information on each method of sale.

The price – This is one of the most important factors in selling your property and you should discuss this carefully with your sales agent.  Setting a realistic fixed price maximises the chances of attracting as many suitable buyers as possible.


Marketing – You can’t sell a secret! There are many resources available to ensure you have the highest exposure to buyers.  Marketing and advertising options include professional photographs, signboards, open homes, online advertising, print advertising and social media.

Preparing your property – The first impression your property makes on a potential buyer is extremely important, first chances only come once!  It makes sense to prepare your home so it looks as presentable as possible.

Buyer inspections – It’s important to create a nice atmosphere within the home for the inspections, ensure the lights are turned on & draw back curtains/ blinds to brighten the home and keep pets outside.  The inspections or open homes allow prospective buyers to visit and inspect your property to see if it’s suitable for their requirements.   The goal is to bring as many genuine buyers as possible through your property.



Offers – When a buyer is interested they will make an offer in writing.  When an offer is made your sales agent is obligated to present it to you, no matter whether it is favourable or unfavourable.  It’s important to consider the offer and their various components which include but are not limited to the purchase price, deposit and any conditions.

Signing – Your sales agent will negotiate an offer with a potential buyer on your behalf.  The key to getting the best price for your property rests with the negotiating skills of your agent.  Once the contract terms have been agreed to the final terms and price must be signed and initialed by all parties.  This means there is now a legally binding contract in place.

Sales/Market Appraisal
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