Buying a home can be the most exciting yet stressful time. There are so many things to consider that it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

At Insite Realty, we’re too familiar with the challenges of purchasing property. We understand that regardless of whether you’re a first-time buyer or seasoned investor, each time will be unique. We offer regular support to our buyers to ensure they’re aware of the legal, financial and practical procedures of buying a home.

We encourage buyers to reach out to our team for tailored advice, however, here are some general tips to help you along your home buying journey:

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Are you looking for a property on the Sunshine Coast?

Will it be your first home? Dream home? Investment property? Do you know which suburbs fulfil your requirements? The team at Insite Realty are mostly longterm Sunshine Coast residents, and willing to share their expert region knowledge.

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Helpful Sunshine Coast Resources:

What type of property are you looking for? 

List all the things you’re looking for in a house, i.e. age, style, attributes, features, size of the yard, etc. Highlight all non-negotiable criteria and understand what you’re willing to compromise on to fit your budget.

Here are some helpful resources to assist your search:

**Tip** Look at our Buyer’s Guide for inspection and research advice.

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How much have you saved? 

The more you can save before purchasing, the better position you’ll be in to apply for a loan. If you’re in the early buying stages (i.e. you only have a small deposit), speak to your financial advisor, bank, accountant, or mortgage broker to help you set some savings goals.

Here are some helpful sites to assist your goal setting:

How much can you afford to borrow?

If you already have a deposit, speak to your bank or broker to know your borrowing capacity. A good broker will assess your financial situation and the factors that will help or hinder your loan approval.

**Tip** Look at our Buyer’s Guide for a list of questions to ask your broker.

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Have you found your dream home?

Once you have found the perfect property, it’s time to act. Things can move quite quickly from here, which is why you put so much thought and care into the initial researching stages.

Submit an offer, keeping in mind that your offer is not just about the price – your contract terms will also determine whether an owner accepts or not.

**Tip** Look at our Buyer’s Guide for advice on submitting your offer and different ways to buy a home.

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You’ve signed a contract. Now what?

The agent, your solicitor and your mortgage broker should guide you through the contract process and remind you when critical dates are looming. However, it is your contractual obligation also to be aware. Make sure you’ve set yourself reminders for when such things as finance and building and pest inspections are due and organise them straight away.

When does settlement take place? 

You’ll be given an expected settlement date shortly after signing a contract. The settlement will occur once all terms are satisfied. We encourage buyers to schedule a pre-settlement inspection to ensure all contractual conditions are met.

Settlement takes place, and you will receive the keys only when both the buyer’s and seller’s solicitors notify the agent that settlement has occurred.

**Tip** Look at our Buyer’s Guide for how Insite Realty can streamline the move into your new house.